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Body Shave History

Body Hair Removal Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow ...

Believe it or not, hair removal has been evolving since the beginning of humankind.

Scientific professionals have proven that the male of the human species began shaving his face many thousands of years in the past. This was accomplished by using sharpened rocks and shells to scrape off facial hair.

Some methods of hair removal used by various ancient civilizations have included tweezers, razors made from precious metals, sugar, beeswax, rubbing with a sandpaper like substance and even string.

Also used in times of old, (as well as still to this day), were lotions and creams which purported to dissolve hair above the skin. These 'depilatories' could be created out of various compounds ranging from resin, white grapes or even bat's blood.

Many ancient peoples felt that a clean shaven face represented good breeding and general cleanliness. This belief can still be found highly prevalent in many countries around the World today.

Neither in ancient times, nor in today's New World society, is the practice of hair removal limited only to a man's face. Egypt's Queen Cleopatra regularly removed unwanted body hair from her legs with a combination of beeswax and razors. This wasn't done just for reasons of a more beautiful appearance either. Hair removal was performed as much for sanitary and health reasons, as it was for personal beautification.

The sweltering heat of Middle Eastern Countries, for example, turned out to be a 'breeding ground' for germs and diseases - So the complete removal of all body hair became a preventative measure against deadly infections.

Other reasons have long existed to justify and encourage the removal of body hair. Some religions require both male and female devotees to remove hair from the facial, underarm and pubic areas.

The first safety razor was designed in the 1700's by a Frenchman. A metal guard was employed to keep the shaver from cutting the skin, while the shaver was in use.

Although there are still many different options available today for removing unwanted body hair such as threading, tweezing, waxing, lasers and creams - The most common method used by far has always been shaving.

With the continuing improvement in technologies, a person can now acquire precision tools at reasonable costs that will easily and painlessly remove unwanted hair from any part of the body.

Gone are the days of bumps, burns, nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs that were once considered 'normal'. Now there are quality shaving instruments readily available that can literally be used on any part of the Human anatomy, including the most sensitive areas.

An excellent example of such revolutionary devices are the body shaver class of body shaver, which can be safely used on any body part. It doesn't matter whether the person wanting the shave is male or female, Caucasian or African American. It makes no difference if one wishes to shave their face, neck, back, chest, legs, bikini or pubic areas. The 'Body Shaver' works equally well on any skin type, complexion and location.

The method one chooses to use when removing body hair, like most things, is one of personal choice. Whichever method you decide to use should be based on your own particular wants and needs.

Simply consider safety, comfort, effectiveness and overall cost as being four very important attributes of any hair removal process and you'll find yourself well on your way to the right decision for your own body hair removal success.

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